One on One

Recovery Coaching

This program allows us to establish and work on your individual recovery goals, helping you develop healthy coping skills that work for you and build your life outside your Eating Disorder.


- One on one coaching

- Face to Face or Skype

- Individualised program 

- Weekly coaching sessions 

(Fortnightly option available)

- Weekly homework/challenges

- Unlimited sms and phone support outside of sessions

- Regular sms support to help reinforce the weekly sessions

- Meal and Snack Support

- At Home Cooking sessions & Restaurant visits available (extra cost)

Breaking Behaviours 

Group Program


This program is designed for clients who suffer from Binge Eating or Bulimia. We focus on tools and strategies to help you break the binge/purge cycles and help you heal your relationship with food and your body.

- Online program over 8 weeks

- Fortnightly group video sessions 

-Fortnightly individual coaching 


- Weekly homework/challenges

- Regular sms support to help reinforce the weekly sessions

- Unlimited sms and phone support to help break cycles of behaviour

- Group Meal and Snack Support 

- Peer support via your group Facebook page


Meal Support &

Shopping Experience


Support offered for before/during/after your most difficult food and shopping experiences like:

- Eating a 'feared' food

- Eating at a Restaurant

- Grocery shopping

- Preparing a meal at home

- Clothes shopping

* Client pays for purchases such as meals, groceries and clothes separately.




These sessions are designed for parents who need to help their child/teen/young adult who has body image & food related issues. 


- 30/60 minute single sessions available

- Support to discuss your child/teens behaviours and resources available to you

- Learn tools/strategies to assist your child battle their eating disorder

- Understand different treatment options available

Email Support Package

This program is suited for clients who don't feel comfortable talking about their eating disorder and prefer to express themselves via email.

- Weekly session via email

- Individualised program 

- Weekly homework and challenges

- Regular sms support to help reinforce the weekly sessions

- Unlimited sms and email support to help break cycles of behaviour

'This Girl Rising'

Self -help online course



Online self help program designed to help you proactively work on your recovery outside of your therapy sessions. See the 'Online Course' page for more info

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*An eating disorder coach is not a licenced mental health professional, thus cannot provide medical, nutritional or psychological advice. Eating disorder coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy or eating disorder treatment.